As the contours of today’s international business practices transform and shape those of tomorrow,

the importance of mapping out sound business strategies to secure future profitability, growth, and stability increases.


Dedicated to meeting the business objectives and expectations of our clients,

BioTechEnergy Ltd., employs a disciplined, long-term approach to the development and implementation of international strategy to help our clients worldwide.

What We Do:

Benefit 1

BioTechEnergy Ltd., specializes in expanding Greek companies’ activities internationally;

we assist foreign client companies in doing business in Greece.

Benefit 2

Our clients range from small companies to large corporations,

that desire to set-up or do business internationally.

We help companies prepare and implement a total global strategy in a variety of key industries (i.e. food and beverage industries, consumer goods and retail, energy, financial services, franchising, industrial goods and services).

   Benefit 3

We can introduce your manufacturing products, professional services, and/or investment products internationally.

We search, evaluate and recommend international distributors, agents, investors and/or prospective joint venture partners.

Benefit 4

We bring together the diverse and complementary talents of seasoned international business professionals.

Benefit 5

We provide :

Tremendous value and enhancement to your international management services and capability.

Our resources, network of partners, expertise, and business processes may be customized to address almost any international business matter and cross-border arrangements.

Benefit 6

Your company is provided with a :

Step-by-step program to achieve a successful overseas venture and investment closing. If desired, we supply:

 On-going consultation, relationship management, and investor relation services, for the duration of your venture.

What sets us apart from other, similar companies?

  • We provide both global management consulting and “hands-on” business development services.
  • We not only Develop, but also Implement Global Strategies.
  • We work to enable Clients to Achieve their International Business Objectives.

Our Approach: Focus On Your Profit and Sales Targets

Whether your objectives emphasize developing a local, an international strategy or implementing an existing strategy, the experience and knowledge of our consulting group will help you achieve your goals through an approach that you will find comprehensive, disciplined, and rewarding.

  • -  Our Business Consulting Team concentrates on your profit and sales target by helping you develop and implement international strategies that meet your goals.

   - We stress a disciplined, long-term approach to international business to help you determine your requirements and risk tolerance.

- We Offer Individual or Multiple, Tailored International Strategies That Consider Goals and Risks

 - Based on your specific goals and risk tolerance, we will help your company or institution build several international strategies that are customized for your short- and long-term objectives.

- We offer customized services to our clients by developing a deep understanding of their individual needs and circumstances.


Provide Freedom of Strategic Choices

We strive to be objective, and offer you flexibility

in your international strategic choices.

With our international open-architecture approach, 

we will search for the best solutions

& practices around the globe,

wherever we can find them.

Our Process: 3 Phase Process

Our Process is Your International Business Development.

BioTechEnergy Ltd., has developed a three-phase process

to its marketing and business development

for your product, services, ventures, or investment proposals.

Phase #1:

We search for qualified international parties for your overseas venture, while simultaneously evaluating tastes, preferences, and interests of your venture in the target market.

 Phase #2 :

We present your product, services, venture, or investment proposal to potential international parties.

In this phase, we focus on ensuring that your venture meets the parties’ needs in terms of quality, competitive pricing structure, and return on investment.

Phase #3:

We keep in close contact with your company’s representatives and the international prospect to ensure satisfaction and commitment to the venture so you can succeed.

We also advise on business etiquette in target countries.

Through Our Approach 

To Worldwide Business Developement & Marketing,

We Can:

Conduct market research to determine where the best opportunities &

 to introduce your venture, 

sell your product or services, or market your investment proposal.

Travel overseas on your behalf to examine markets and 

contact potential international parties or clients.

Recommend overseas distributors or commission sales agents, 

 or find potential joint venture partners, alliance partners, 

or investors for your investment proposals.

Our process is extensive and we offer a special & unique approach 

for clients interested in GREEK Business.

Our Partners and Your Mentors

Giannis Kyprianou


Mr. Giannis Kyprianou is responsible for the design and implementation of the company’s policy and growth. Highly successful as CEO at Group of Companies, on different fields, as in Fashion imports and exclusivity brands on clothing and footwear business for 40 years,. Former president (for 10 years) of the ”Greek Footwear association of Importers-Distributors”. During the last years he has been offering consultancy in the field of oil products (petroleum), commercial properties, traditional greek products - foods and energy drinks. Specialization on new green energy technologies, especially on converting electricity from wastes or from biomass. Also with success, in managing executives for achieving goals

dimitris tsourouflis

Dimitris Tsourouflis


Mr. D. Tsourouflis has been working as Chief Business Development Officer and General Manager for almost 20 years, at top Multinational Shipping & Forwarding Corporations. Responsible for creating, communicating, executing, and sustaining strategic initiatives within the corporation. In charge of the company’s strategy and international expansion. Responsible for the development of the international business projects which involve investments made through the corporation’s agency representation. Directly involved with the negotiations between the corporation and its agents, government institutions and local policies, on a geopolitical and regional level.


Giouli Giannakandropoulou


Dimos Lymperopoulos


Dimosthenis G. Liberopoulos. Advisor: Banking - Financing transactions coordinator. Analyst on projective prospects management developing, financial elements utilization and application in business plan creation. Former Executive Banking Manager, Founder of Credit Unions, Financial Institution, Business Enterprises, Cooperative Banks, Economist on political economy specialist. President of Credit Union Trust Ltd.

Biotechenergy- Management Consulting & Business Development . International Trading -Distribution Of Branded Fizzy & Energy Drinks - ''Management Consulting & Business Development Company''

Incomparably Efficient Partner Of  Your Success

Locations & Contact Details

104 Vitosha Ave,1000 Sofia,Bulgaria  Management &
Operation Offices Location: Athens, Greece

Tel: +30 6945 551505

Email: info@biotechenergy.net

Working Hours

Our support is available to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week via email or chat.

Mon-Fri:    9 am – 6 pm
Saturday: 10 am – 2 pm:

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