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About Us & Our Mission

Our mission is to understand your international & local needs and aspirations, & to then help you achieve your goals.

We work with you in an advisory-based relationship, seeking to maintain and enhance your international business success.

Our Approach :Focus On Your Profit & Sales Targets


We Offer Individual or Multiple, Tailored International Strategies That Consider Goals and Risks.


We offer customized services to our clients by developing a deep understanding of their individual needs and circumstances.


Based on your specific goals and risk tolerance, we will help your company or institution build several international strategies that are customized for your short- and long-term objectives.





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Why Work With us & Why You Should Trust Us


The main values of our team include our knowledge, expert skills, and influence. Because as consultant we work with a variety of businesses, and as a result we have a much broader and deeper knowledge of business trends, industry challenges, new technologies and processes, than our clients’ internal company employees.

Cost Savings

When you hire BioTechEnergy Ltd., as a consultant, you pay only for the services that you need, when you need them. This can provide substantial savings over hiring a salaried employee, with the same level of expertise, to complete similar tasks. Further, BioTechEnergy Ltd., consultants in multiple areas-lean manufacturing, proactive funding, financial planning, etc.—can identify areas where your company is currently spending more than you need to. We will help you cut costs.

Time Savings

The experience of BioTechEnergy Ltd., consultants means that we know best practices already.
For example, a lean consultant can look at a client’s manufacturing process and very quickly identify inefficiencies. With a consultant, there is no need for business owners to reinvent the wheel or lose valuable time to something that can be completed by an expert contractor.


BioTechEnergy Ltd., Consultants provide a useful distance from business challenges; as we are not emotionally invested in operations in the same way that business owners are, and we can more easily identify and address challenges, whether the issue is implementing a new technology or completing a merger, or an acquisition.
''The consultant’s objectivity can be especially important in family-run businesses, where dynamics could be emotional and core problems more difficult to discuss.''


BioTechEnergy Ltd., Consultants do not offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Our value comes in learning about each client’s business and goals, and tailoring advice and strategy consulting to the specific challenges that the business faces. This customization means that a BioTechEnergy Ltd., consultant’s solutions are much more effective than generic advisory services. For example, we can select funding programs for which your business is clearly eligible and has the greatest chance of success.

Start, Or Grow Your Business In 3 Simple Steps:

No Matter If You Are At The Intial Stage ( In The Egg), Or You Already Run A Small, Medium Or Large Business Of Any Niche, We Can Assist You By Developing A Personalized Strategy Plan & Tactics That Will Allow You To Meet Your Goals In A Minimum Of Time While, Saving Money.

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Step #1: Fill In The Form & Contact Us

Simply Fill In The Form Giving Us Details About The Stage Your Company Is In, Your Industry, Your Goals & Any Queries- Questions You Have.
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Step #2: We Will Design A Tailored Action Plan

We Will Advice You & Inform You About The Opportunities, Options, Advantages & Possible Risks and We Will Give You A Blueprint & Step By Step Actions To Take.
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Step #3: We Will Guide You All The Way Through The Implementation Process Being Your Accountability Partner

We will be monitoring your international performance and results to evaluate progress till the desired outcome is achieved.

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Working With 17 Countries

Looking For First Class Business Consultant?


BioTechEnergy’s Business Development Service comprises a variety of tasks and processes aimed at developing and implementing clients’ international growth strategies and opportunities.


This service is reserved for institutional, or sophisticated and accredited investors.


This service is usually for that have a lot of international agreements, but no one with the skills to implement them. 

BioTechEnergy Ltd., essentially serves as the international department for these companies, saving clients time and money, especially if the business has limited resources and international expertise.




BioTechEnergy Ltd., Joint Business Venture and Partnering Services (for operations, products and services) are based on a client’s track record of successfully implementing growth strategies in their domestic market.

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